As a crafter, your business depends entirely on your hands. You tend to work longer hours. The number of products that you can make in an hour decides your income and eventually profit. One day of a break on a workday may result in opportunity loss for your business. As a handmade entrepreneur, your business should pivot to the digital world. It is not only about selling your handmade products online. Make info products that would demand less of your time compared to the physical product.

1.Start online classes teaching your craft to other enthusiasts

Some people take up art and craft classes online to learn another skill or as a therapy.Whatever the reason, you are at a juncture where you can let your products work for you instead of you working for your products.Now, you may think that your product’s demand would drop.But that is a wrong notion. It only increases your demand more.Do you know why?It’s simple. People buy from people, known people, and the people who they like.


Also, having an online course as part of your business would allow you to take more time off than you already have. To set things in motion, try recording basic methods of making your products and sell them as a master class or a mini-course. This course does not need your participation apart from the time you record it.

2. Blogging as an art-preneur

From children to baby boomers, everyone loves good handmade art and craft.

Art is used as a therapy to treat many people suffering from stress and many other conditions.

An art blog recording the process of making a particular art will help you to reach people who prefer reading to watching your art videos.

Parents who are not well versed in arts may want their child enrolled in the art classes or, people who do not know about art may purchase your products.

Either way, these people prefer to gather information about you through your blog posts.

Blogs on your website are like having a mini art symposium in place right after they come in search of you and your products or services. A blog will help you rank in the local searches when a customer is looking for products like yours in your locality of business. Businesses with blogs can see more audience engagement as they display the most relevant content on the top.

Unlike your product portfolio, blogs display your personality that may attract more people.

Like I already mentioned, “People buy from people, especially from the known and liked.”


3. Having an online store to make an extra buck without much expenditure

Being ready for the digital-first business environment is the need of the hour.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, I strongly recommend you to check out marketplaces like ours,, or other marketplaces according to your convenience.

As a craft preneur, you would already have enough on your plate, and maintaining an e-commerce website is an added task to your already overflowing to-do list.

A marketplace lowers your participation in your online business.

Maintaining the website, site infrastructure according to the existing trends and driving traffic, the marketplace takes responsibility for everything. You, as a seller, need to take care of just selling and making your product stands out.

4. Omni-channel marketing is the key to sustenance

With the surge of online shopping, retailers are facing a decline in shoppers big time. The onset of a pandemic has only hastened this process of transitioning from offline to online stores. With domain names available for as cheap as 12 USD, many sellers are opening their stores online.

The problem is that they are not used to the online culture, the overwhelm they would have.

omni channel

The enormous number of websites that are on the web is already exhausting the buyers. So, the buyers resort to the marketplaces for better service, one-stop-shopping solutions that seem juicy.

Mobile sales are higher amongst the digital channels of commerce.

Amazon, eBay, and other such platforms are having their time of life.

Under these conditions, almost 46,000 businesses in the US have already adopted the Omni-channel strategy and have seen great results.

The Omni-channel strategy has helped businesses to differentiate themselves from their peers who are online-only businesses.

Fusion of the shopping experience across channels has spiked the sales for many sellers even during early 2016.

With the surge of online sellers, you must look forward to developing your business across multiple platforms to set your path to success.

5. Payment processing and shipping is instrumental in business growth

Quicker payment options and ship to all locations options are mandatory for the success of the online business.

We saw how online shopping became a staple in every household. You can check out our tips for selling online also.

With the increase in online shopping, the abandoned cart also increases.

Ranging from 60% to 86%, around 30% of the cart abandonment has been due to the device used during payment processing.

Almost 80% of the total abandonments happen due to mobile devices.

Compatibility of the site, Sizing and orientation of the pictures, and payment portal errors are some of the prime reasons why almost 4/5th of the cart abandonment happens with mobile devices.

So is it time for you to shift to better options in payment handling and shipping handling?


Payment processing and shipping

6. Visual commerce to boom

With all the amazing ideas to start your handmade craft business, you thought you would win this online game. But here you go!

The visuals of your website sent the wrong signal to your prospects. So, they decided not to check out your products.

By visuals I mean, the pictures and the various collaterals you used to portray your products.

Since your customers cannot touch or feel your products, your visuals should do that extra step of making them imagine.

Now, do you understand the reason why Instagram shopping is a boom?

The power of visual commerce triggers a stronger urge in the minds of the buyers who would not miss the offer for anything in the world.

You can implement this trend in many ways like look books, digital catalogs, user-generated content.

Visual commerce helps the business attract more buyers. With the help of visuals, you can trigger the buyers, make a social proof and build trust in the buyer’s mind.

Ready to tap into this cost-effective segment to get higher conversion rates?

These are some of the trends to notice in 2021-2022 for the crafts and other handmade businesses. We recommend Omni-channel marketing as your strategy to win your competitors and stay ahead in the game.

Choose the right multi-vendor platform to set your store and succeed in the process.

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