Existing on every platform possible is the nightmare of every e-commerce business. Everyone tells you to do this and do that. But, how will you know if it is the right strategy to adapt to get the results?

I am going to enumerate the strategies that you need to adapt to make your business sail smoothly.

Become an influencer for your brand

More than posting beautiful flat lay pictures of your online products, user-generated content has better reach. The reason why influencer marketing is booming is that influencers reduce the research work of the shoppers. They give the buyers dreams and make a trend out of the products they canvas to their audience. You can post about your products on your social media accounts and blogs. The content posted should focus on product benefits the transformation it brings about. This strategy applies to every niche out there.

Informed shopping wins over Impulsive shopping

Gone are the days when we bought things impulsively. Sellers who govern today’s e-commerce know that their customers discover their needs through YouTube videos and expand their knowledge in Google searching for the products and the competitors. They then turn to forums and social media platforms to see the influencer-based content and the user reviews about the choice of products from the crowd. So now, the possibility of converting the customer does not depend on one platform of content. It rather depends on multiple platforms that help people know you, then like you, and eventually, trust you. This user is called an omnichannel user and an informed user. Learn to win over these informed users with agile marketing tactics rather than the regular soap campaigns.


Keeping customers in the loop with offers and incentives amongst others through Email Marketing

Along with all the marketing channels visible from the outside, marketing automation with an email list is mandatory. The number of conversations with a customer is directly proportional to the possibility for the customer to convert. Email Campaigns are needed for a business to communicate to the audience about the values, offers, regular educational and entertaining content. A brand without an email list is pitting itself for failure. You can read 7 Useful Tips to Make your Outdoor Market a Success.

Targeting ads to follow up customers that look for products and abandon carts

Do you have an online store like celestho.ca? Your store may be an e-commerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace, but abandoned carts are for real. The amount of cart abandonment is astounding. The Facebook and other ads you run to attract buyers need to retarget the customers who have visited but not purchased or added the products to the cart but did not buy them. These ads and email campaigns (to the repeat customers) prove worthy by making the buyers come back for the purchase. Adding some rewards to these selected products enhances the chance of the customer returning to make the purchase. According to statistics, remarketing campaigns and bringing existing customers to repurchase is cheaper than getting new customers on board.

abandon carts

Use social media to listen to the wants and problems of your clients and your prospects

Have you heard of Social Listening? Social listening is paramount for a business to tap into the customer markets. You can listen to what your customers feel about your product or services on social media platforms. Google Alerts is a free tool that would allow you to monitor topics mentioned on the web. A customer who is not comfortable with talking to the brand takes up social media as a place to either lash out or appreciate. Address positive and negative emotions with equal care. Irrespective of the size of your business, you should invest in social listening to enhance your business performance in the market.

Customer service and personal touch never fade

Does your brand address customer queries through the FAQ section? Try adding a human touch to your customer service and see your brand grow manifold than it already is. The customer is the king. So, ultimately customer service decides the victory or downfall of a business. The study says that almost 17% of Americans would choose to work with brands known for their best customer service.

Omni Channel Strategies can seem time-consuming. If the business and marketing processes are automated, your brand can rule the market and make everything happen. Try these simple strategies that would take 10 minutes each of your time but shows a notable difference in your business performance.

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