With the holiday and snow season around the corner, the time when most people think about get-together, shopping and relaxation. But if you are a small business owner, you must be thinking of increasing your sales to the maximum. This is probably the busiest time of the year for you. You must be preparing yourself to revamp your stores to get holiday sales-ready. However, you are somewhat unsure of the tactics to maximize sales. To help you ease your efforts, we have got some tips and tricks summed up in this article. Learn, apply and see the tactics giving you results. 


  • Get season-ready- As early as possible

The first and foremost thing that you need to do before the holiday season is to go seasonal as early as possible. The studies conducted last year show that most people planned and preferred shopping earlier than the previous year. This study suggests that people showed a willingness to shop early so that they don’t have to fuss around at the last moment. 


As a small business owner, you should gear up for the holiday season as early as possible. This way you will welcome more customers which ultimately means better sales. Plan much before the season, execute them and see the results as the season ends. 


  • Put on offers and discounts

Offers and discounts! Well, it’s a human tendency to get attracted to them. Although consumers are willing to spend more to shop for their loved ones, this doesn’t mean that they will pay any price for a product. 

Putting up holiday offers and discounts will boost your sales significantly. In fact, surveys suggest that these are an inseparable part if you wish to attract more customers. Even customers stated that such promotional offers and discounts influence their shopping to a greater extent. It will not be an understatement to say that promotional offers and discounts hold the key to better sales.


  • Personalized holiday cards for your customers

This is a joy and fun-filled time of the year for customers as well as sellers, so there can be no better time to convey a few words of appreciation. This is a time when you can spread more smiles with personalized messages. 


Opt for personalized holiday cards for your customers and stand out from other sellers. You can go for digital holiday cards that you can send to the electronic mails of your customers or you can go for tangible postcards with a personalized message in their name. Although both will serve the purpose, the gesture of giving the long-lost postcards in this digital world is sure to make your customers feel delighted. 


  • Partner with local charity houses

The holiday season is more about giving and receiving gifts but it can also be a time to help local charity houses that do not get enough funds. It can be a time of the year when you can give back to the community by serving a cause that is close to your heart, that you feel connected to. 


Partner with local charity houses that work for a good cause, choose a charity house that needs your help to arrange funds to run. This will not only give positive exposure to your business but will also give hearty satisfaction to you and your customers. This will be a great move to promote your business. 


  • Collaborate with influencers

We live in a digital world where social media plays a major role in everyone’s life. The internet opens the door to new opportunities for your business and believes me, this can be a great thing for your business. 


Collaborate with social media influencers and bloggers, they are a friend of your business. They have a wide reach on social media platforms and so can feature your products in their posts, stories or videos, they can also recommend those products to the people following them. This way your brand and products will get much more exposure than expected which in turn can increase your sales. 


  • Start promoting over social media and in-store

Any business, whether large or small, needs promotion. Many people tend to get their shopping done in advance so that they are completely free to enjoy at the peak time. They shop ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress.


To get these early shoppers in your store, you need to promote your offers and discounts and other festive special things over social media and also through offline channels. Using offline channels like pamphlets, catalogs, newspaper advertisements, etc could be an effective promotional strategy. This way you will attract early shoppers as well as last-minute shoppers. 


  • Give holiday-themed packaging

It is a human tendency to like things that look great. No matter how good the product is, if it’s average looking at the first instance then the person will give it a second thought. 


So, when you are offering great products, don’t forget to give them a great look too before handing them over to the customers. They will be delighted to see the packaging and will be thankful to you. This tactic can also turn these customers into your long-term customers.  


  • Organize small contests and games

Organizing contests and games over social media will result in engagement from the customers. This is one of the useful tactics to get a better customer turnout through online channels. With contests and games, engage your customers and carry out giveaways. 


  • Help your customers with last-minute shopping and provide them with better deals

There are a lot of people who are last-minute shoppers, maybe because it is a tendency not to do something until they have to do it. This is the reason markets and malls witness the large crowds at the last moment. 

When you receive such last-minute shoppers help them in buying by giving suggestions. Also, put up last-minute offers and deals to get attention from more customers. They will be convinced by such a gesture. 


Over to you from here

Laying a great strategy and executing it requires great efforts. Here, we have discussed the most effective marketing tactics. Apply them and see the results in your favor.

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