You have set up your online store on Celestho. Now what?

Any handmade business when beginning their online journey has an expectation, whether it’s your own website or a storefront, the first thought of getting into the world of the internet is “Now I have my online presence! Millions of people around the world are going to see my products and get more sales and I will be rich in no time.” Then you start waiting for that first-ever sale…days passed, weeks passed, even months passed…no one shows up…no sales. Forget about being rich, but you cannot even meet the costs to maintain your online store. You lose hope and feel frustrated and think that the internet is not the place for me to sell my products. I’m getting more sales locally than online. Let me shut down my online store and save that money.

Let me ask you one question have you ever analyzed what is wrong here?

One of the most important facts just setting up an online store doesn’t guarantee the visibility you expect. There are a lot more other factors that help to bring in your store visibility and sales.

The process behind establishing your online presence and stepping up the game.

·        Let the search engines know you are here in the online world.

A search engine is a web-based tool that helps people find the information they are looking for using keywords or phrases. Google, Yahoo, Bing are few examples of search engines.

·        Optimize your content

You have to optimize your store in a way that helps search engines to locate your products faster and rank better in search results. For that use the most popular and less competitive, long-tail keywords in your product title and Meta descriptions. There are a lot more technical factors about it. It’s obviously a slow and steady game. It may take few months to reach that point considering all the competition in the online market. But don’t worry we can help you with this.

·        Spread the word maximum

Use all social media channels to market your products. Integrating your storefront with social media channels is the best way to bring in sales organically. Utilize the tools provided along with your product listings to share your products.

·        Sales channel integration

Sales channels are additional platforms to sell your products. For example, open your Facebook shop and start selling on Instagram through shoppable posts. Reach right customers!

Obviously, Facebook and Instagram offer the options to set up your store and add products manually. But the ability to integrate your online store with these sales channels helps with automatic product sync, which enables easy stock management as well as easier marketing by setting up ads.

·        Provide your customers maximum options to choose from

When you set up your store, think like a buyer. Identify what your customers actually need. Being a handmade business provides them with options to customize. Let them add their personal touch to the products they want. Change that perspective from what they want to what they need.

·        Be transparent

Being friendly and transparent about your store policies helps in avoiding confusion. Mention clearly what you can and what you cannot. Be clear about your order processing time, shipping, returns or exchanges and refunds.

·        Happy customer happy you

Offer an amazing shopping experience to your buyers. Take care of everything from the point of receiving an order to getting it delivered to them.

Communication is the key, which clears much confusion. For that reason, we have provided the option of live chat and inquiry along with each product listings. The buyers can contact you any time regarding a particular product either through the inquiry tab or the chat tab. Identifying a buyer’s need helps you serve them better.

Updating the order status through the seller dashboard notifies the buyer about it. Once the order is processed and dispatched mark it as shipped so that buyer gets an immediate notification. Provide them with a tracking number if any which makes it easier for them to track their order.

·        Identify what made your customer purchase a product from you

It could be the customer experience you provided, the way of communication or your product itself. This helps you to plan more and improve yourself.

·        Most importantly always ask for reviews

Don’t hesitate to ask for a review on your products and/or services. Positive reviews are the key to attract more customers to your store.

Hope these small tips will help you, if any questions please feel free to comment here.


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