Here are some common questions about selling on Celestho

How do fees work on Celestho?

Joining and setting up an online shop on Celestho is easy. We offer flexible plans  to choose from.

You may start selling on Celestho for FREE with our start-up plan. Or set up your shop paying monthly membership fees (PREMIUM, ULTIMATE plans) with a reduced to no commission on your sales. And enjoy add on benefits like offsite ads, premium support and assistance.

Choose your membership plan and sign up. You may change it at any time. List as many products in your store as per your membership plan.

Transaction fees per sale are as follows:

STARTUP – 7.5% +¢25,

PREMIUM- 4.5% + ¢25,

ULTIMATE- NO transaction fee on the sales.

There is a Stripe payment processing fee for all plans which is 2.9% + ¢30 of your total sales order amount.

All the fees are billed in Canadian Dollars.

What are the advantages of choosing PREMIUM and ULTIMATE plans?

One of the main issues faced by handmade businesses is juggling too many roles. Trying to meet the ends of being a maker and a marketer is hard. We hear you and can help with this. We get you covered everything with a single fee.

Your monthly fees cover the following:

  • You get an SEO-ready store and free training on how to make your store SEO optimized. And our SEO experts will do a free SEO health check of your store and improvement suggestions
  • Premium support and assistance to set up your sales channels (FB/IG shop set up)
  • Easily sharable product links with various social media platforms also directly with your customers via email or WhatsApp
  • Get featured in our offsite advertising with our PREMIUM and ULTIMATE plans. No need to worry about additional time and money required to spend on your store promotions.
  • And most importantly there is a reduced to no fee per sale.

We have a very transparent system and no hidden charges.

Is there any listing fees and how long my listings last?

There is no fee for individual product listing. You can list unlimited products.

The listings last as long as you maintain your membership.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s very simple to set up a shop on Celestho. Create a Celestho vendor account (if you don’t already have one) and connect your store with Stripe.

How do I get paid?

Funds from sales on Celestho will be deposited into your Stripe account. We encourage sellers to use a Stripe Business account and not a Personal account, as personal accounts are subject to monthly receiving limits and cannot accept payments from buyers that are funded by a credit card.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

No, a credit or debit card is not required to create a shop. To be verified as a seller you have to connect your shop with Stripe.

What can I sell on Celestho?

Celestho provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods (at least 20 years old), and both handmade and non-handmade crafting supplies.

For more details check our policy.