While applying a marketing strategy to your online store, several key factors should be focused on. One such factor that should be kept in mind is the product description. No matter what the size of your online e-commerce store is, a product description holds the key to better sales. A product description is what explains details about the product and what makes it stand out from other similar products. A product description persuades potential customers to actually purchase from your store. Great product descriptions are sure to increase your conversion rates. Writing a persuasive product description requires a thoughtful process. Although it is not a mountain task, it needs clear, concise and luring writing. 


What is a product description?

A product description is the marketing copy of the products on your e-commerce site. It mentions the product details briefly along with other technicalities. A clear, concise and to the point product description plays a key role in taking a business to newer heights. The main focus of the product description is to give your potential customers complete information to persuade them to buy your product. According to facts, around 82% of the shopping decisions are influenced by product descriptions and specifications. 


How to write a persuasive product description to maximize sales?

Although writing a product description is not a mountain task, it requires writing skills as well as effort. A compelling product description is the one that motivates the potential customer to actually buy that service or the product. An engaging product description is organized, brief and most importantly easy to read. 

Now, let us move on to how to write an informative as well as an engaging product description. Consider these tips to frame a descriptive, focused and on-point product description. 


  • Address the 5W in the description

Who, Why, What, When and Where- These are the basic elements of a description but also the most important ones. Before you start writing a product description, get an answer to these elements. Once you have the answer, you can start framing the description by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Who can be the potential customers of a particular product? When you know the target audience, then it becomes easier to reach them. 
  • What are the specifications of the product? This includes the details of the product such as dimensions, features, material, color, design, etc. 
  • Where is the product used? The place of usage of the product. This plays a key role if the product is newly launched. 
  • When is the product used? Is it seasonal? The usage instructions of the product give potential customers a better understanding of it and thus they can invest their hard-earned money wisely. 
  • Why is your product better than those of your competitors? Since there can be various products available in the same category, therefore it becomes important to stand out among all. This is the unique feature of your product that differentiates it from other similar products. 

The answer to these elements in the description makes it easier for the customers to make a purchasing decision, thereby converting potential customers into actual customers. 


  • Explain benefits

Whenever a shopper makes a decision to purchase something, there is always a reason behind it. They are not interested in knowing the mundane product descriptions but they are actually searching for a feature in the product. So always try to focus on pain points, uniqueness and what the product can do for them or how it is beneficial to them. Try conveying the benefits of that product to potential customers. This way customers will not only make a purchase but are more likely to suggest these products to others upon use. 


  • Keep it brief and simple

Thousands of products on the internet can be seen with short descriptions, but if the potential buyer is not getting enough information about the product, then he will definitely not purchase the product. No one is interested in reading the long descriptions, so they should be of the precise length. If it’s too long then the customer will skip reading it and if it is too short then it may miss out on some of the features of the product. Thus a compelling product description is clear and concise. 


  • Tell a story and use power words

Storytelling is another way to increase the conversion rate. Describing the features of your product through a story will not only gain the attention of the potential buyers but will also guide people in making a decision about the product. Through story the product will fit in the imagination of the customers. Storytelling is also a catalyst to increase the conversion rate. 


The use of power or sensory words can also impact your sales to an extent. This is one of the ways to dazzle your customers and compel them to make a purchase. This happens because certain words hold the power to evoke human emotions and thereby convert them to sales. Dressing up really plays an important role in today’s world. 


  • Use KPI’s to measure the success of your description

Measuring your performance is another important aspect of the success of your product. Analyze the key factors and modify your plans accordingly. Begin with measuring the increase or decrease in conversion rate and abandonment, return rate, calls from shoppers, organic rankings, etc. Analyzing the performance of your product description will give you an insight into your future steps for that product. 


A well-drafted product description is sure to pay you back

Put efforts in writing to bring in the customers to your e-commerce store, put in all your enthusiasm to make it a success. Use the above tips to write a product description and see the potentials to convert into sales, but don’t forget to add appealing images to your products, they too are as important as the product description.

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