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Top 6 Omnichannel Marketing Strategy to Meet Shoppers in 2021

Existing on every platform possible is the nightmare of every e-commerce business. Everyone tells you to do this and do that. But, how will you know if it is the right strategy to adapt to get the results? I am going to enumerate the strategies that you need to adapt to make your business sail […]

Top 6 Trends to Follow for Handmade Business Success in 2021

As a crafter, your business depends entirely on your hands. You tend to work longer hours. The number of products that you can make in an hour decides your income and eventually profit. One day of a break on a workday may result in opportunity loss for your business. As a handmade entrepreneur, your business […]

Conscious Consumerism through Sustainability

The importance of having a sustainable lifestyle is raised with the global warming and depletion of the ozone layer which is adversely affecting human and animal lives. The culture of consumerism in the modern world is one of the major reasons to destroy our environment through increased landfills and greenhouse gas emissions.  Purchasing something or […]