Welcome to Celestho Crafters Collective

We connect buyers around the world and sellers from Canada. Our motto is to empower people & create economic opportunities for local crafters in Canada…

Celestho Crafters Collective aka Celestho is an all-in-one marketing platform for artists & artisans in Canada. Our marketing strategies empower handmade business owners. Introduced in 2020 in Canada, Ontario, Guelph Celestho Crafters Collective is the brainchild of a craftswoman and a tech-savvy, who decided to help fellow crafters utilizing her technical skills besides her experience as an artist. With a better understanding of what exactly the crafters community needs Celestho can better serve them. We connect buyers around the world and sellers from Canada. We aim to empower people & create economic opportunities for local crafters in Canada.At Celestho we even encourage our buyers to support small businesses and help them grow. Our motto is to create economic freedom for local artisans in Canada. We help cut efforts made in marketing and brand awareness. Handmade businesses can thrive with less commitment from their side.

Our Story

Continuous lockdowns during the pandemic stranded many families. Initially, its impact on people’s lives and businesses was the least known. Many brick-and-mortar stores realized that they had no option but to shut down as a measure to avoid all functional costs and to cut down losses. Hustle culture and the digital world grew faster than before. A shift from brick store to digital store has not been a favourable decision for many. During our various networking events with fellow entrepreneurs, we saw how they struggled to make ado with their side hustle. People who lost their jobs turned their side hustle into a full-time income. It all began when a craftswoman tried to help her community by forming a group of like-minded people. Community over competition is the ideology we follow. The lockdown phase was the time when we came up with a gift guide as a humble attempt to support small businesses. This gift guide featured local craftsmen in Canada. We circulated this gift guide free of cost to help artists, artisans and home-based ventures. Independent sellers often state that they have issues around pricing and shipping. Many platforms charge a humongous amount of money for selling their products.

The Challenges

Most Common Challenges faced by Small Business Owners:
  • Challenge in making products that people would love to buy,
  • Marketing products to the right audience,
  • Manage various platforms in which they must promote,
  • Build a social presence on social media platforms,
  • Advertising products,
  • Being everywhere at once,
  • Juggle between business and family commitments,
  • Pricing your products right,
  • Client dependence,
  • Lack of confidence,
  • Money management,
  • Balancing quality and growth
These independent sellers are struggling to make ends meet with so much on their plate. As a solution, online stores have started giving out plans with a lot of hidden costs. The pricing is detrimental to founders affected due to the financial crisis. There are many problems that founders face while running a business. Problems like affordability, time constraints, juggling many roles affect their performance. At such points when they find no one to support small businesses make the situation worse. Celestho crafters help cut efforts made in marketing and brand awareness. They can thrive with less commitment from their side. We act as the voice of small Canadian businesses in front of the world. When alone, these tasks great efforts to cut through the noise online and establish the brand. The unity Celestho crafters experience each day is because of a positive community of craftsmen who support each other! Alone we can do things but, united we can achieve great heights. We can break all limitations that we face as vendors.

We promote integrity

Advantages of choosing us over other platforms are:
  • A marketplace attracts more visitors than individual sites.
  • When you choose us, you can be tension-free about marketing and branding your business. No need to spend time learning new tools and technologies all by yourself.
  • We aim at helping local-owned-business in Canada reach their customers.
  • We have an efficient and sound team working to maintain our marketplace website. This team will enable you to have an error-free experience with our platform.
Celestho crafters has a top-notch technical support team helps you give a smooth experience to your customers. So, you need not worry about maintaining your store.
Advantages of Celestho crafters collective as a marketplace over other platforms:
We aim to support indigenous artists and craftsmen to grow their businesses.
  • Lesser Marketing Costs as opposed to other channels.
  • You can have an effective review generating system.
  • Allows you to market your products overseas.
  • Lesser commission and fees on every sale and less fluctuation.
  • You can have a community of entrepreneurs to interact with and enjoy one another. Being part of a community is beneficial in more than one way.
  • You will face no limitations in branding your business online.
  • Opportunity to grow your business at a pace higher than you have at marketing solo.
You can utilize our powerful tools integrated with our marketplace without spending on various apps or software. Digital marketing is the most cost-efficient way of reaching out to large audiences at one go.

The Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We revolve around a singular goal of enhancing the quality of life of our local makers. We would love to give back to our community. Thus, we choose to donate a part of the money from the sale proceeds to Charity. We aim to touch one extra life with every dollar made. For a fact that Small Businesses are an integral part of the Canadian Economy because they, – create jobs – improve local communities – contribute to Canadian GDP Around 800K Canadians run small businesses. Challenges they face as part of their business are less known. To ease the stress on the shoulders of local businesses, we created this marketplace. This marketplace is lighter on your pocket. We function on a single motive to help the local community flourish.

Our Vision

We know how difficult it is to run a handmade business better than anyone. The cost to set up your shops at Celestho crafters has stemmed from this belief. Our platform functions using powerful business tools with the price you pay us. Set up your store with Celestho crafters and be worry-free. We will help you grow your business through various sales channels. We have an efficient technical and marketing team behind the scenes. From purchasing to selling and marketing, we cover it all. The reach of the online market is incredible. Our partnership can bring laurels for both of us. You can rely on us about your products as our work speaks for itself.
Marketplace for Small Businesses