Gone are the days when making handmade crafts was just a hobby. If you are an artist who loves to create then you can be an entrepreneur who sells your own creation. Building a business from scratch isn’t much of a hassle these days. Since shopping, learning, playing has moved online so can your business.

The increase in opportunity for starting a new business wouldn’t have been possible without the popular social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter is the place for people who want to start, sell or grow their business. These platforms have made building an online empire so easy. Anyone with the will can construct a profitable business with the lowest investment. These platforms don’t only allow you to sell but also allow you to build a community of people who are fans of your work. Well, what’s more, satisfying for an artist who gets complimented for their creativity?

We have listed 5 amazing ideas for you to start a Handmade Craft Business.

Handmade Jewelry

This is one of the most popular industries these days. Handmade jewellery is bought because customers tend to look for one-of-a-kind pieces. These pieces cannot be found in fancy jewellery stores where it’s mass-produced. A pro tip that will help your business grow would be to offer custom-made jewellery. Here the customer will be involved in the process by sharing specific requirements and getting custom designs done.


If you have a passion for painting and have a unique imagination then your paintings will sell like crazy. People look for art that is unique to the eye.
The art business has grown a lot since 2014 and is worth USD 145.15 billion. Fortune Business Insights says it will reach up to USD 217.66 billion by 2028. So, do you still think the art industry is dead? Well, think again!

Handcrafted Ceramics

Turn your hobby of making pots into a business. Basic pottery-making skills and the right equipment are enough for you to start earning out of it. This business idea might need a bit of space to store the pieces since ceramics are delicate. But don’t worry you won’t need a huge studio space while just starting out, you can move once you start breaking profit.

Handmade Candles

Candle making is a craft that seems easy but needs a lot of work put into it. It just takes a little practice to perfect the art of making beautiful-smelling candles. What you’ll need to stand out is to make a few candles that are commonly found and few signature scents. One amazing candle can change your sales since people tend to go for a fragrance that makes them feel cozy and relaxed.

Home Decor

If you love making DIY home decor then why not turn it into a business. The home décor industry has become popular these days. You can start with something as simple as DIY photo frames and scales up to a complete home decor business. This is an industry that will stay in demand. So, if you have an eye for home decor consider this as your new business idea.

Hope this gave you a few amazing ideas to start your online business as an artist. If you have any other hobbies don’t be scared to explore them and start a handmade craft business out of them.


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